Powerful Smart dongle with Rechargeable Real Time Clock function inside to prevent and against clock tamper behavior to time based or subscription based licensed software. Rechargeable battery and clock integrated into the dongle, to keep the dongle clock operate independently with computer system clock.

Brief introduction

The Virbox El 5 RRTC have built-in clock chip inside which designed to prevent and against the clock tamper behavior to the time based licensed software or equipment which used to setup usage limitation by time to protect vendor benefit.
Except of real time clock related features and specification, the rest of technical features, Specifications, the license modes supported and secure functions for EL5 RRTC are compatible with or same as to normal EL5, For details of technical feature of Virbox EL5 RRTC, please refer to datasheet of Virbox EL5.

EL5 RRTC dongles feature

  • Built-in real time clock chipset and rechargeable battery inside of EL5 Dongle, the EL5 Dongle time works independently with computer system time even in offline environment, prevent tampering with long battery life and battery power endurance;
  • Built in rechargeable battery with and support long time works in power off (max. work time up to 8 months per rechargeable to battery);
  • High Time Accuracy: ± 0.4s/day, ±150s/year, clock chip supports temperature compensation, to maintain time accuracy;
  • Clock calibration, the user can calibrate the clock using the Virbox User License Tool;
  • Clock switching, in case of multiple power failures, there will be errors and deviations in the time of the EL5 RRTC, and the RRTC will switch and start the virtual clock to control the time limitation to licensed software;
  • Support remote upgrade of licenses, re-issue licenses to software users to extend software licenses;
  • Function supports includes: Temperature compensation, Clock Calibration, Remote upgrade, Virtual Clock;
  • OS supported are: Windows, Linux, Mac.
Elite 5 RRTC can be used standalone or can be used to connect to Virbox LM (Virbox Developer Center) to provide advanced protection and license functionality to software vendor.

Elite 5 RRTC is top level security tool to protect your software & IP and widely used and well proofed to protect software copyright and IP in different industry.