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Virbox Partner Program: Winning Together with Partner

Virbox LM is the enterprise class Comprehensive Software copyright & IP protection Solution for Software vendors to protect their valuable Software Copyright and Intellectual Property. It provides multi level protection to software with Code Fragmentation Execution, Obfuscation, Compression, Virtualization, Secured Communication Tunnel, Anti-Hacker Service technology in whole SW execution process. Software copyright and IP are well protected by use of Virbox Protector, IP and code be protected will be executed in secured repository environment.

Virbox LM Solution is much easier for competence development for both Partner and Software developer, with all different kinds of toolkits, partner will be quickly to learn for how to show and prepare a demo project to potential customer even without coding competence and present a software be protected in high protection level with flexible license mode.

Virbox LM Solution provides multiple license container to meet variable software developer requirement: Hardware lock (Dongle), Cloud lock (Cloud License) and soft lock (Soft License);

Virbox LM provides  free trial SDK without time limitation to developer to evaluation and testing and also provide certain volume free cloud license to "standard developer , which will strong help for partner and developer (especially for startup company) to protect  software and licensing;

Easy to promote Virbox LM to potential developer by use of Cloud license and soft license.

Partner also can use Partner Portal to access Virbox LM for customer management,  Partner can use distributor tools to produce master lock and user lock to specified developer in local and speed up delivery and improve customer satisfaction.

The market: software developer/vendor and hardware vendor (IoT, Embedding equipment, ARM, Raspberry Pi etc.) in your local market;

The Effort and Investment: Easy to learn and quickly competence development to present Virbox solution to potential customer;

The Support from Virbox: Sales guides, FAQ, remote consultancy, Tier 2/3 support to special project, etc;

The Benefit and Return: Sales Revenue via resell/distributor of Virbox Hardware lock, Cloud License and soft license.

Welcome to join the Virbox Winning Together Partner Program;

Thank you for taking the time to apply to the Virbox Partner Program. Virbox Channel Team will contact you shortly.

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