Powerful Software Protection solution to software developer that provides virtualization, advanced obfuscation, code encryption, assets and resource encryption and smart compression technology to prevent your application from decompiling & reverse engineering.

For Whom? The Software Developer

Who need to use the most Powerful, Simple and Secure protection tool to protect/harden/shield their application in:
  • Windows .exe/.dll
  • Linux elf/.so libs
  • macOS executable apps/.dylib
  • ARM linux elf/.so libs
Mobiles apps:
  • Android Apk, dex file and .so libs
  • iOS apps, Mach-O etc.


Protect your application with the state of arts encryption technology, cross platform supported.
Easy to use and integration, Design your own encryption scheme by "Select & Click".
On premise solution & no code leaking risk to upload code to cloud and protect developer investment.
  • Multiple encryption technology implemented (Code of Obfuscation, Code of Virtualization, Code of encryption, import table protection, smart compression etc) to protect your coding logic, algorithm to defense static/dynamic analysis tools for decompiling and reverse engineering;
  • Encrypt the specified critical functional and sensitive string to prevent memo dump or malware code/patching in memory;
  • Memory Checking to insure the Code integrity to prevent the code logic be tampering;
  • Memory Checking to insure the Code integrity to prevent the code logic be tampering;
  • RASP (Runtime application self protection) to detect the debug tools and prevent the debugging and analyzing or malware code injection;
  • Support to protect the data assets, resources in Unity3D/UE4 program from being extracted illegally.
  • Multiple language supported:C/C++/.Net/.Net Core/Java/Python/PHP/Delphi/VB/PB/UE4, etc;

Virbox Protector uses Virtualization, advanced obfuscation, Code encryption, Smart Compression and other protection technology to prevent your Application from decompiling and reverse engineering by Hacker.

Windows .Net Program

Decompile the code w/o protected

Decompile the protected code

Android ARM Program

Decompile the code w/o protected

Decompile the protected code

Mac OS Macho

Decompile the code w/o protected

Decompile the protected code

Windows Unity3D Program

To reverse the code before encryption

To reverse the code after encryption

Note: The reverse tool used here is IDA_Pro.

Trial & Buy Process

Trial Version available for Virbox Protector to software developer to test and evaluate, Developer can sign up OR contact with our partner to download trial version with 30days trial license to test and evaluate this tool.


  • $0 (Trial)
    Trial edition
  • Trial license for 1 Month (100 times usage);
  • Windows Installer;
  • The protected program will be valid in 7 days;
  • Multiple language support;
  • Platform supported: Windows/Linux/MacOS/ARM/Android;
  • Free technical support.
  • Contact us now
  • Price Contact Us
    /Java/ARM/Android/U3D edition
  • Protect the Unity3D Application based on Windows;
  • Protect the .Net Application based on Windows;
  • ARM CPU architecture V7/V8 supported;
  • Android: 4.0 or above version supported;
  • Protect the .so library and executables of ARM-Linux system;
  • Protect the Unity3D Application (apk) and .so library base on Android system;
  • Free technical support.
  • Contact us now

The difference between free trial edition and Personal edition:

Virbox Protector Trial edition: Free
The software protected by trial edition valid in 7 days, no limitation by standard edition;
After the protected program is expired when executed again, will have prompt message: ”This application is protected with unregistered edition of Virbox Protector”.
The Trial edition can be used for 30 days freely and up to 100 times usage.
No above limitation for standard edition.
Trial edition support all platform Windows/Linux/Mac/Android/ARM-Linux.
Personal edition:
One computer are allowed to use Virbox Protector at same time, and allowed to change the computer for 5 times.
(Virbox Protector would bind the computer by hardware fingerprint)
Enterprise edition:
Please contact us if you want to use Virbox Protector Enterprise edition (More device would be allowed to be used Virbox Protector at same time), please contact us.
Customized security services (as per practical project, including crack analysis, encryption scheme design, security assessment, etc.).
Payment support: Paypal or Wire Transfer, Contact us
7*12 hour free support
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