Virbox EL5 Genii

Small and powerful, it weighs only 3.6 grams, similiar size with a dollar coin. The hardware is as powerful as the EL5 Acme. A Tiny dongle for Software Copyright & Intellectual Property Protection and Licensing Management Solution.

Brief Introduction

The Virbox EL 5 Genii is the latest version & future-proofed of smart dongle designed for Software protection and licensing for Software vendors, it can be either work independently like traditional dongle or works with the Virbox LM to provide top level security guarantee for Software be protected. EL5 Genii integrated with top latest 32 bits ARM smart chipset and security level up to CC EAL5+ with execution speed up to 50MIPS, it contains secured RAM and flash memory which makes software dynamic be encrypted in different level via Virtual Machine Environment, Code Fragmentation Execution, Anti-Hacker Shield Technology, EL5 Genii provides Anti-Hacker Engineeing, Anti-Debug Engineering, Code Fragmentation technology to software vendor to protect SW and IP respectively.

Exceptional characters includes:

  1. Fully new Designed cobblestone appearance dongle with high-quality PC material, high strength case, customized hanging rope, easy to take and in case of dongle lose, it weighs only 3.6 grams, similiar size with a dollar coin.
  2. Working together with Virbox Protector (Virtual Encryption Engine & Auto compile), Virbox SDK, API, and other tools provided by Virbox LM, It will be dramatically reduce Software vendor effort and workload in Software Protection/Encryption & provide top security level protection to Software copyright & Intellectual Property.
  3. State of the Art COS and File Management system;
  4. Integrated with Virbox middleware and isolated physical hardware.
  5. Multi type of License stored inside, support licensing to multi-application in one EL 5 Genii
  6. Equipped with top level Security Algorithms;

EL5 Genii can be used standalone or can be used to connect to Virbox LM (Virbox Developer Center) to provide advanced protection and license functionality to software vendor.

EL5 Genii is top level security tool to protect your software & IP and is widely used and well proofed to protect software copyright in different industry.