EL 5 Acme is the most powerful smart dongle developed by Senseshield, it is core component of Virbox solution for license enforcement and are widely used in different application Scenario.

Brief introduction

Top level Security. Virbox® EL5 Acme is the latest version & future-proofed of smart USB dongle designed for Software protection and licensing, it works with the Virbox® Cloud Solution to provide top level security guarantee to Software. Virbox® EL5 Acme integrated with latest 32 bits ARM smart chipset and security level up to CC EAL5+ with execution speed up to 50 MIPS, EL5 Acme contains secured RAM and flash memory (extra large size up to 256K(512K optional)) which makes huge amount of code of software could be encrypted and executed in security environment by use of Code Fragmentation technology.

Exceptional characters includes:

  • Latest and Top Security Smart chipset inside: SC 300, CC EAL5+;
  • Super large capacity available: Up to 3000/6000(optional) licenses stored for EL5 Acme; Support large amount of Code protected store/encrypt/executed in Secured environment by use of Code fragmentation technology;
  • All Kinds of License mode supports;
  • Secure communication tunnel to guaranty Communication safety;
  • Algorithms supports: RSA 1024/2048; ECC 192/256/384; AES 128/256; SHA1/256, etc.

Applicable for All Environment

In most case, the environment of manufacturing plant which equipment/protected software and smart dongle operated is quite tough and complicate, or even operated in outdoor environment, such as huge temperature difference, unstable voltage turbulence, strong electric magnetic working environment, etc. It makes big challenge to dongle working in such kind of industrial environment.

EL5 Acme is Smart Dongle designed and support to be used in industrial environment, the principal to design for IE5 Acme includes:

  • All component for EL 5 Acme version has been adopted IE level component, support working environment from -25~85℃;
  • Special design the case to shield the chipset to avoid electric magnetic interference;
  • Over Voltage and Voltage Turbulence Protection to hardware;
  • Compatible Protection and License Option with EL5 and Virbox LM Solution;
  • RRTC Dongle supports developer/equipment vendor deliver equipment with leasing mode to their customer.