Powerful Smart dongle with Rechargeable Real Time Clock function inside to prevent and against clock tamper behavior to time based or subscription based licensed software. Rechargeable battery and clock integrated into the dongle, to keep the dongle clock operate independently with computer system clock.

Brief introduction

The Virbox El 5 Acme RRTC have built-in clock chip inside which designed to prevent and against the clock tamper behavior to the time based licensed software or equipment which used to setup usage limitation by time to protect vendor benefit.

In some circumstance, virtual clock function integrated in the Virbox El5 Acme is not enough to strictly control the time accuracy of licensed software. Or software users may tamper the time of licensed software by changing the computer system time to extend the time to use the software or hardware equipment. Software vendor or hardware equipment vendor have to use independent real time clock dongle to set the limitation to software users to prevent potential revenue loss or due to other special purpose. Such as to collection final payment, overdue to large value of equipment contract, equipment leasing contract , or examination which need to strictly set up the start time and end time by use of RRTC dongle to set the time limitation to licensed software or hardware equipment, and can successfully prevent potential time tamper behavior and prevent potential loss happened.

Except of real time clock related features and specification, the rest of technical features, Specifications, the license modes supported and secure functions for EL5 Acme RRTC are compatible with or same as to those of normal El5 Acme,  For details of technical feature of Virbox EL5 Acme RRTC, please refer to datasheet of Virbox EL5 Acme.

Exceptional characters includes:

  1. Built-in real time clock chipset and rechargeable battery inside of EL5 Dongle, the EL5 Dongle time works independent with computer system time even in offline environment, prevent tampering with long battery life and battery power endurance;
  2. Built in rechargeable battery with and support long time works in power off (max. work time up to 8 months per rechargeable to battery)
  3. High Time Accuracy: ± 0.4s/day, ±150s/year, clock chip supports temperature compensation, to maintain time accuracy;
  4. Clock calibration, the user can calibrate the clock using the Virbox User License Tool;
  5. Clock switching, in case of multiple power failures, there will be errors and deviations in the time of the El5 RRTC, and the Acme RRTC will switch and start the virtual clock to control the time limitation to licensed software;
  6. Support remote upgrade of licenses, re-issue licenses to software users to extend software licenses;
  7. Supports work in a variety of harsh environments, resists violent vibration, resists falling, resists over-voltage and over-current, and has good anti-interference performance and prevents the hurt and damage to chipset by electrical surges; They are applicable for all kinds of environment.

Applicable for All Environment

In most case, the environment of manufacturing plant which equipment/protected software and smart dongle operated is quite tough and complicate, or even operated in outdoor environment, such as huge temperature difference, unstable voltage turbulence, strong electric magnetic working environment, etc, it makes big challenge to dongle which worked in such kind of industrial environment.

EL5 Acme RRTC dongles feature

EL5 Acme RRTC dongles contains highly accurate clock and rechargeable battery inside of dongle and operated independent of system's clock.

RRTC dongle is designed and be used in time based licensing scenario, such as  leasing, rental, trial, With hardware based clock inside of EL5 dongle, any attempt of tampering system clock will be impossible by hacker or software user

Feature of RRTC:

  • High Accurate hardware based clock inside: Annual error less than 150 seconds, daily error less than 0.4 seconds;
  • Function supports includes: Temperature compensation, Clock Calibration, Remote upgrade, Virtual Clock;
  • Rechargeable battery inside: Sustainable  working time last to 240 days without external USB power supply; Battery Life up to 5 years;