Cloud License

Cloud License

Software Publisher may issue Cloud License by Virbox Developer Center (Cloud based License Manager/Server), it provides following feature and functionalities to software be protected and licensed:

  1. Top security preventing software piracy and crack the protected software by hacker,  which powered by comprehensive technology integrated:  Anti-Hacker Service, Code Fragmentation, Virtualization, Obfuscation and Compression;
  2. Effortless workload without additional coding, Fast License enforcement, distribution and improve software developer's operation efficiency;
  3. Real time delivery License and verify the protected and licensed software
  4. Much easier for Software publisher for Software promotion by use of "Marketing Center", one function integrated in Virbox Developer Center;
  5. Seamless update and upgrade software and associated license;
  6. All Kinds of License Modes supports for business agility;
  7. Cost Saving solution for software publisher, Centralized platform on cloud and no local on premise License System needed;  No physical (Dongle) hardware deliver to customer needed;
  8. License statistic & Report available for software developer.