Soft License

Soft License

Soft License is cost effective license type and may used more flexible in offline environment, soft license presents with license file and encrypted and saved in local safety environment, License file describes related license terms and integrated with digital signature and Anti-Debug, Anti- Reverse engineer features in Virtualization environment, software license also may be issued to the account that customer assigned via Virbox Developer Center in cloud, and finally distribute to concrete desktop in manual way which located in offline environment,  Soft License can be verified and used in offline environment and supports following features provides:

  • Offline environment and is suitable used for software licensed and executed in Industry environment and Government, public security environment;
  • Support single node binding and multi nodes binding (network or floating license mode) in isolated LAN environment;
  • Online and Offline verification supports,  Offline Time Limitation maybe set according to software features or according to Software Developer's sales strategy or payment terms defined in advance;
  • All kinds of license mode supported, including limitation to time, usage, features, module, etc.