Code Fragmentation Execution
"Code Snippet Execution" or we can named with more simple and easy understanding: "Code Fragmentation Execution". Code Snippet Execution will utilized latest and mature technology in "Extracting the coding" and select and extract large mount of "coding" from original program code, and executed in the security virtual environment after encryption and obfuscation and integrated with Virbox Encryption Compiling Engine, Virtualization and driving technology, all technology integrated together makes protected software in more security during execution process.

The Code Snippet Execution" can be simply understand as breaking down the functions or modules of software into code of fragments and execute these "fragments" into a secure environment, so that the crackers can't start to use hacker tools to analysis and get the original code and execution result. "Code Snippet Execution" is major milestone and breakthrough in the Software Encryption and Protection field. In addition to high Security, Code Snippet also rely on and work with "Virbox License Service“ middleware to shield the interface from the fundamental layer and also compatible with Virbox Cloud Lock and Soft Lock, and help developer to realized business agility with different kind of license type.