Empower developer to complete the protection scheme with Moway 1

For some software developer who dedicate to develop application with their genius sense to target market segment, they are expert to develop their own software, probably they may not familiar about the detail of software encryption, software protection technology, so they do need to find one right product and solution to protect the application before product launched.

If so, select the Moway 1, with a series tool chain may help and empower developer to complete protection scheme to their software quickly and easily.

The tool chain of Moway 1 support and help developer to complete the protection process step by step, from the dongle setting, Product ID setting, till the issue the remote package for software upgrade. Each tool provides a friendly GUI and clearly instruction to help developer to understand and complete each step. So, developer may use these tool chain to complete the test, evaluate process quickly. If they still have some technical question, they can contact Virbox team directly to get free consultancy and support to enhance the protection and security level accordingly. Here we summaries the usage to each tool that help developer how to use these tool in the protection process.

1. DevTestTool.exe.

When developer select and order a hardware dongle in volume to protect their product, the first thing for developer is initialized the dongle and other setting the dongle according to their product planning. For Moway 1, the DeveTestTool is the tool integrated multi function with user friendly GUI to help developer to initialize the dongle based on their software product. The main function and feature of this tool includes: initialize the Moway 1 device, change the PIN setting from factory, import or export the file store inside of dongle, create the PID, etc. PID is the product ID which Virbox design and use to differentiate with different software product for same developer. It is also the simple way to developer to use PID to bind the Moway 1 dongle with their software product. The PID is generated by the seed code with a series hash algorithm calculated. Developer may also combine use other encryption algorithm to signature/verify the signature, encrypt/decrypt the data stored in the Moway 1 dongle or by use of API calling and other way to enhance the security to protect software product.

2. CryptoTool.exe

Moway 1 supports different kind of encryption algorithm, asymmetric or symmetric algorithm to generate the relevant key pair, encrypt the data stored in the dongle. The CryptoTool will help developer to test and select different encryption algorithm to encrypt their application or generate the key pair for signature/verify signature, encryption/decryption the data. With CryptoTool, Developer, will save a lot of time and workload, even they are not familiar encryption concept.

3. BatchTool and UpdateTool

For the software deliver to user in large volume, developer may use BatchTool to set/store data to the Moway 1 dongle in large volume to save time;

For Developer who want to issue the license or update the dongle remotely, UpdateTool will be necessary tool for them to issue upgrade package to remote dongle.

4. Virbox Protector

Last tools, also it is most important tool in all of tools provides to software developer. It is the Virbox Protector which design and help developer to complete protection with the principle: "Select and click". With more than 20 years experience in software copy protection/encryption market, Virbox design the Virbox Protector with multiple latest encryption technology, Import Table Protection, Smart Compression, Resource Section Encryption, etc. It dramatically enhance the security of protected software and also decrease the workload and effort for developer when they use Virbox Protector to design their protection scheme. A basic edition of Virbox Protector provides to developer together with other tool in the SDK. If software developer want to protect your application which developed with Unity3D, or want to use more advanced encryption features(Virtualization, Code Encryption, Advanced Obfuscation, Smart compression), please contact Virbox team.

Moway 1 dongle, SDK, a series tool chain, all together, form a cost effective software protection solution to developer to protect their application. For detail instruction how to use each tool to design your dedicated protection scheme, please refer to the User Manual of Moway 1 or contact us for detail information:

Email Address: info@senselock.com