Dongle Lost & Replacement Solution

Creative & Perfect Proposal to Software Developer and Software User


Challenge to Developer:

It is impossible for developer to identify if the dongle is really lost or not when their software user claim they lost dongle, in most cases, they either resend a new dongle or they ask user re-purchase software with another dongle and makes user unsatisfied to re purchase whole package just because of dongle lost.

Challenge to Software user:

Usually the protected software value is much higher, in case software user lost the dongle unfortunately, they have to re-purchase a whole software package with new dongle which cause unnecessary expenditure for additional package purchasing;

Dongle Lost & Replacement Solution:

License ID 0 has been configured on default License in each EL5 Acme dongle, it supports dongle with 2 kinds of type: Perpetual Type and Activate Type, each dongle can be setup to be a "Perpetual" type or "Activate" Type. Activate Type means it is necessary process to "activate" dongle online within a certain time of period, i.e. 2 weeks or one month. So, if user claim this dongle has been lost, developer can send a new dongle with same account and license terms to user to replace the lost one, and previously dongle will become invalid when this dongle try to activate online later. And user just need to pay dongle cost only!

Developer may setup each dongle status (Config License 0 status) on developer platform to "Activate Type" before deliver to their user. "Activation" is always automatically processed when user access internet or online status.